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I go to sleep early on Sundays because I am so eager to start working Monday morning. I'm not even talking about entrepreneurship I'm talking general morals of success, some people aren't taught any of them and some are....those that are like to say they did it themselves and they were poor and this that and the other but they weren't...they were taught moral values and principals of success from a young age...sure their families may have been financially poor at one stage but I think being poor equates to more than just money, being poor in knowledge is worse than being poor in finance as that is only temporary if you have the knowledge....

Known as the Millennial Mentor, Gerard Adams is a multi-millionaire giving back to the world through his podcast, blog, and website More than anything, he wants other entrepreneurs and leaders to know that success without leaders making leaders” is, to him, meaningless.

After making it to college, Gary discovered the Internet and rapidly catapulted his parents' small wine store from a $3 million to a $45 million business - which was only his first step into a prolific career of online entrepreneurship. For Gary Vaynerchuk , family comes first, but after that, his ever-growing empire is listed as one of his top priorities.

Speaking can lead to great opportunities, but you have to be willing to eat crow at first to watch those things happen. REMEMBER: these speeches aren't magically going to make you successful. If any of you have been following the #AskGaryVee Book Club series on my YouTube channel , you will know that I have found an unimaginable amount of value in that book so far.

I think people ask successful entrepreneurs questions like, "What does a normal day look like for you?" because they think they might hold some secret to success. I've been following @garyvee for almost two years now, he has made a HUGE impact in my life. Founder of one of the click here leading personal development websites in the world - His YouTube channel is one of the biggest motivational channels in existence for people who want more for themselves, from all walks of life and all corners of the earth.

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